Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring - ISI-NET 

When equipment is out in the field whether it is a hospital or a conference room, it just has to work. Most organizations only find out they have an issue when someone goes to use it and things don't work and the meeting is about to start. What if there was a way to receive proactive alerts immediately when an issue comes up so that it can be resolved before it becomes a problem? 

Interactive Solutions, Inc. has developed a breakthrough solution for proactively monitoring telemedicine and conference room technologies remotely. ISI-NET provides a 24/7 virtual technician on telemedicine carts, EMR carts, integrated conference rooms, mobile video conferencing units, or basic A/V rooms. ISI-NET monitors critical functionality to ensure equipment is online and working properly prior to telemedicine consultations or planned meetings. Vital technical aspects are constantly tracked and monitored for status levels and email alerts are generated if attention is required. Some of the customized alerts include the following:

  • Network Activity
  • Camera Functionality
  • Battery Level
  • System Usage Data
  • Other Custom Options

In addition, the Interactive Solutions Support Team has the ability to remotely access the equipment's control system to perform basic tasks such powering the system on/off, muting/unmuting the mics and adjusting the camera position. 

ISI-NET also provides redundancy levels not previously available for telemedicine endpoints and conference rooms. This feature works to limit the effect of equipment errors or failures prior to equipment usage by utilizing web-based clients combined with video conferencing endpoints and secondary video feeds to avoid points of failure.

Interactive Solutions, Inc. is bringing a new level of service and support to the growing Telemedicine and Collaboration industry by providing peace of mind to the IT and administrative staff, as well as the end-user community driving adoption of collaborative services. This solution allows for continued growth of services and reach for programs by providing 24/7 active monitoring and remote diagnostic features and functionality through cloud services regardless of distance or local IT support.  

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