When FedEx needed a way for their marketing team to effectively monitor and respond to social media traffic, they turned to the ISI team to create an innovative audio visual solution.


FedEx Corporation, headquartered in Memphis, TN, is one of the largest freight and business services companies in the world. Delivering more than 9 million packages each day to more than 375 destinations in nearly every country, technology is critical to the success of this company. From their SuperTracker for scanning in packages along the way to their monitoring systems for reviewing plane routes and fuel consumption, everything “positively, absolutely” has to work. That’s why Interactive Solutions is so proud to be a long-time partner with FedEx for almost two decades as a preferred AV and video conferencing integrator.


In recent years, FedEx, like many global brands, has been embracing social media as an important part of their overall marketing strategy. Not only does it allow them to distribute information about their brand but is also allows them to listen to their customers' needs and address them in real time. 

The social media team was interested in building a space where they could view all of this social media content including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, etc. all in one central location across an array of video displays. This would allow the team to easily take a broader view of the comments to spot trends such as service disruptions or customer service issues. They could also review responses as a group and analyze the success rates of different ia  campaigns. At the same time, the team would be prepared in case they need to use this hub for crisis communication. 


While the FedEx team knew what type of information they'd like to view and how they'd use the equipment, they didn't know how to design the solution and integrate it all into a seamless interface. That is where the ISI team was able to offer assistance. The FedEx team trusted ISI could come up with the technical solution they needed with minimal instruction given our reputation internally for providing creative solutions and excellent customer service. 

We were able to create a solution included multiple displays with different wireless content sharing devices to allow the social media team to view and edit content in real time. This allowed them to cut their customer service response time from a few hours to a few minutes on average.


Whether it is a Social Media Hub or a corporate board room with video conferencing or even the CEO’s home office technology, the ISI team has consistently delivered superior solutions with an incredible level of detail and customer service that far exceeds our competition. While the ISI team is proud to have booked millions of dollars in business with FedEx over the past two decades, we are even more excited at what the future holds as our relationship with FedEx continues to grow.

“With FedEx, their business is logistics and being on-time. So no surprise, when they are your client…you have to deliver.” – Jay Myers CEO of ISI 

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