Larger class sizes.  Smaller budgets.  And more to cover in the curriculum.  Luckily, today’s technology can help.

Video conferencing and other audio-visual technologies allow educators to reach more students and to provide them with a more interactive educational experience, whether they’re in the same classroom or in a different city.

For more than fifteen years, ISI has been creating dynamic learning environments through customized, integrated solutions in interactive classroom and distance learning technologies.

Smart Classrooms

University of Alabama

For more than fifteen years, ISI has been enhancing learning environments in college campuses and K-12 facilities through customized smart classroom technologies.

These technologies create new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating networking, digital, and audio-visual technologies. Smart classroom solutions vary from projectors or other digital displays, PC’s connected to interactive white boards, speaker systems, document cameras, microphones, touch screen control panels, and more.

Distance learning technologies such as audio and video recording and/or broadcasting is also one of the more advanced technologies in the modern day classroom. As the newest generation of students enter their schools demanding this flexibility in their learning environment, distance learning technologies have gone from a specialty practice at only select colleges and universities to a necessary tool for any higher education institution that wants to stay competitive in the marketplace. 

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  • University of Alabama Thursday, October 1, 2015
    When the University of Alabama asked Interactive Solutions (ISI) to design and build an Emergency Management Center on their campus, we had no idea how quickly it would be put to the test.  Ba...


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